Why Virtual / Shared CFO ?

Common Issues for Companies

·         I need a full time CFO, but cannot afford it.

·         I have a full time CFO, but some of the skills necessary for effective working of finance function are missing.

·         I do not need a full time CFO.

·         I am unable to provide career to a  full time CFO & hence unable to retain good professional.

·         I am a start up / SME & not familiar with the nuances of compliances, accounting & taxation.

·         I know my business, but how do I generate value, get funding and handle business strategy & structuring related issues?

Just focus on your core business and leave all the issues related to financial / accounting / business process / taxation / compliances to us. The simple solution to all your issues is:

Virtual CFO / Shared CFO

·         Cost Effective

·         High competency

·         Quality & Timely delivery

·         Advantage of team of professionals instead of a single CFO

·         Long-term partner & hence continuity